Photo material

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What is in my bag ?

Camera and accessories


Panasonix Lumix GX9


  • 35-100 F2.8
  • 12-60 F3.5-5.8
  • 25 mm F1.7
  • 100-300 F4-5.6

I don’t if I continue with the micro 4/3 or a new system full frame.



I use 2 Sirui :

  • the T-004X, light
  • a table tripod 3T-35K-EU that i have in my bag

I have a gorilla pod but I don’t use that. It is not suitable for me.


  • gobe ND
  • polarizing filters : Hoya and Gobe

Other accessories

I like the peak design capture pro but it is too small for all the bags.

For battery, I don’t like noname and I advise to take the brand of your camera. I have had a misadeventure, the battery has inflated… To not take lot of battery, you may have a external battery to recharging them.


It is not easy to find the good piece. Actually, I use :

  • the lotus f-stop for trip
  • a day backpack not for photo but sport, a decathlon in 20 liters

Development material

I use darktable in stable version under Debian GNU/Linux. I have a laptop and a good screen a PA24AC asus. As next purchases, it will be workstation and calibration probe.

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