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Why is it of little use to me ?


For this sunday, I write another polemical article or contrary to what can be found on the net. Like the last week, I would not be giving the sources ; they are easy and quickly to find.

Like I said before, I use the histogram to shoot by exposing on the right.

We can read on most sites that histogram is important and we have to read it and use it for editing photos. I don’t use the histogram in darktable. It takes more place for a non-benefit.

I think it is funny to read that the histogram tell “photo has a good exposure or not”. We have two good machines called eyes to make difference between under-exposure, good exposure or over-exposure. It’s more easy. Concerning editing, we don’t apply corrections following a curve but rather with our eyes, following our intentions and impressions.

In conlusion, trust yourself.

Have a good week

Guillaume Marty "Medium of formidable contradictions. It is both ridiculously easy and almost impossibly difficult." Edward Steichen