A more expensive camera for better photos ?

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My personal opinion on that


For this sunday it will be a question around articles I read on the net : " Will having a better camera makes better picture ?"

Most of the answsers we find are “no”.

And my answer would be “yes”. Indeed, a better camera will have a better dynamic range, hence a better picture.

If we want to be more exhaustive, I am reserved. it depends a lot of the situations. On youtube, there are comparisons in French and English : low-end versus high-end camera and pro vs amateur. For me, there ar biased comparisons. Either we compare the camera or the photographer but not both. If we see this kind of videos, the subjects of the photos are fixed. It is easy with any camera to have a good exposure and a good focus, we have time. And therefore we conclude to the answer no.

However, if we shoot a mobile and fast subject, I bet that the low-end camera will not focus on the subject with a unsharp photo. On the other side, the high-end camera with a good AF will take a better shoot. The cheapest camera can focus with a high waste rate… This example shows the opposite.

For me, this problem is taken in inverse. There are several questions to ask us when we think about a new camera :

  • am I limited by my camera or by my knowledge ? We are saving much money if the answer is two.
  • what is the budget for all the materiel . Camera, Lens and computer for post-processing.
  • with this budget, what is the new camera for me, my style in photography ? Landscape, wedding day, sport…

It is necessary to put all the cards when the question arises and not just we see before. I am limited by my camera but not enough to change it. It will be done in the future.

Have a good week

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