Polarizing filter

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Undertand and use this filter


The polarizing filter is considered as a magic filter. It has several functions :

  • it deletes the reflections not only on water but all the surfaces except metal.
  • it restores a youthful look to colors ; it adds saturation : a bluer sky and a a greener forest

But it blocks the light 2 EV.

How to use ?

The information is contradictory.

This filter works :

  • when the sun is on the side
  • not in front
  • the polarization can be modulated

But, there is diffifcult to know if the sun position in behind you is the best or or the worst situation. It is the same when the sun is at zenith.

It is time to try.

Guillaume Marty "Medium of formidable contradictions. It is both ridiculously easy and almost impossibly difficult." Edward Steichen
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