Return to school in 2021

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The new site


with this return, I put online the new site. I didn’t like the old, it was several sites but not a single. On the new, there is all I was on the sereval parts. I didn’t solve the question of the gallery, it will be the next.

So in this site, you will see :

  • presentation
  • blog posts
  • documents

And yes, I will translate documents in English. It was a big work but I learned English langage a little. I have also cleaned up the site like the news or the blog posts in double.

I will publish (I will try) on Sunday.

I also tried to rationalize my time with darktable and internet. I didn’t have feedbacks about beginner’s tutorial in French. So as you have already seen, I didn’t publish a new version with the new of darktable 3.6. I stop it. This will be reviewed. Anyway, the document is still valide. The only big part is color balance with the new module in darktable 3.6.

See you in the next week with download.

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